A Fence Makes for a Nice Yard

Why Put a Spaced Picket Fence in Your Front Yard?

A spaced picket fence is a style of fence that is often used for decorative purposes. This type of fence is designed by putting evenly-spaced slats of wood or other material, including PVC or vinyl, along a fence line to create an attractive barrier around a property. These fences are not known for their privacy or their safety use since they are neither tall nor tightly-spaced. However, spaced picket fences continue to be popular styles of fencing installed by fence contractors on the regular.

What is the appeal of a spaced picket fence? Here is a guide to help you understand why a spaced picket fence might be what your front yard needs.

1. You create curb appeal

Perhaps the biggest reason to install a picket fence around your front yard is that you can create instant curb appeal while creating a noticeable barrier between your yard and neighboring properties. Unless you have pets and children that you need to keep secure inside a fence, you can exact a border around your property with a delightful picket fence that you can design out of nearly any type of fencing material you wish. A classic spaced picket fence is often painted white, but you can paint your picket fence any color you want. You can also leave the fence bare for a more rustic charm.

2. You leave your landscape exposed

If you put a privacy fence around your front yard, your existing landscape is hidden, which can create a distraction and take away from your home's existing appeal. A spaced picket fence has a more open, exposed allure, which allows your landscape to still be showcased while giving you some form of privacy. As a bonus, the more open spacing of a picket fence makes your yard less closed-in. This way, if you have a smaller front yard, it can make the yard appear larger. 

3. You get custom spacing options

Since there are open spaces in a spaced picket fence, you get more coverage with less fencing materials. You can choose the spacing, although average spacing tends to be two inches between slats, to give your spaced picket fence a custom spacing appeal. Your costs to install the fence itself relies on the materials you choose, how large your fence is, and the dimensions of your yard. 

You can learn more about picket fences by contacting local fence contractors.