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Why Do I Need An Automatic Gate Opener?

Once your fence is up and the gate installed, one of the final things you may be thinking about is how to open and close your gate on demand. Fortunately, there are a whole lot of options for you to consider when you're thinking about an automatic gate opener installation, but here is a list of reasons why it should be high on your priority list.


Nothing is more subtly irritating than having to get out of your car to open a gate, get back in the car to drive through the gate, then get out of the car to close the gate. It doesn't take very long to accomplish all that, but it can feel like a lifetime if you're caught in the middle of a rainstorm or have a truckload full of groceries to haul in. An automatic gate opener nullifies that issue and allows you the convenience of simply pushing a button from the inside of your car.


Opening up a gate is not very challenging for people who are determined to do so, some of whom may be waiting for you to get out of your car to open the gate before they try to take advantage of you. An automatic gate opener keeps your car safe from thieves, but the added security of electronic keypads keeps would-be intruders at bay, most of which can be paired with a security camera or motion sensors. It also works the other way. Unless your children know the keypad, they won't be able to simply open up the gate and run out into the street either.


Though an automatic gate opener installation will cost more than a manual gate, it will more than pay for itself in terms of resale value whenever you decide to sell your property. Moreover, many insurance companies also offer a discount on rates simply because of the added level of security an automatic gate opener offers, so it's a good idea to check with your property insurer to see what kind of deals are available.


There's no doubt about it: an automatic gate opener just looks awesome. Many of these gates include designs that match the rest of the fence or can even be customized to include the homeowner's initials. Whatever you want to include in your gate, it can most likely be accommodated with your automatic gate opener installation