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Pros And Cons Of Installing A Glass Fence Around Your Pool

If you're adding a swimming pool to your backyard, it's important to also make plans to install a fence. Doing so is an important safety consideration. There are many different types of fences that can look good around a pool, so meet with a fencing service to discuss what options might be appealing for you. One type of fence to consider is a glass fence. Here are some pros and cons of using this fence type.

Pro: It Blocks The Wind

When you're swimming on a cool day, there's nothing worse than feeling the chill of the wind when you get out of the water. Most types of fences do little to protect you against the wind, whether you're simply standing in the shallow end or you've climbed out of the pool and are lounging on a chair on the pool deck. Chain link, for example, allows the wind to blow straight through it. A big reason to consider a glass fence is that it does a good job of blocking the wind, which can improve your overall pool experience.

Con: It Doesn't Provide Privacy

Privacy is something that is important for some pool owners. This can especially be true if you have a small backyard that your neighbors can see with ease. If you like the idea of installing a fence around the pool that at least partially prevents nosy neighbors from seeing you and your family swim, glass won't be the best choice. In this case, you may want a wooden fence or a chain-link fence with privacy slats.

Pro: It Helps The Space To Feel Open

You want the space around your pool to feel open, especially if the pool and the pool deck are on the smaller side. A solid fence provides an enclosed feel that can actually make the space seem smaller than it is, which isn't a good feeling — especially when you have a big group of people enjoying this space. The transparent nature of a glass fence is ideal for helping your pool area to feel open and large.

Con: It Can Look Messy

It's possible that your glass fence will get covered in water when people in the pool splash, jump into the water, and have water gun fights. While the water will run off the fence, it may leave water marks behind. Most people won't mind this look, but if you're someone who strives to keep your yard spotless, this may irk you. Evaluate the pros and cons of installing glass fencing around your pool, and then tell your fencing professional how you wish to move forward.

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