A Fence Makes for a Nice Yard

Caring for Your Home's New Cedar Wood Fencing

A cedar fence can be an attractive solution for those that are wanting to have a fence installed that will provide security and privacy while also adding to the property's beauty. While cedar can be an attractive and durable wood, homeowners will still need to be prepared and informed if they are seriously considering this type of fencing for their property.

Ensure Your New Cedar Fence Is Properly Sealed and Finished

Preventing rot and mold will be important steps in keeping the fence in the best shape possible despite being regularly exposed to rain and other types of wear. While the finish for the fence will be extremely durable, the sealant will need to be regularly reapplied. Otherwise, there will be a high likelihood of the fence becoming rotted. Reapplying a new coat of sealant to the cedar fence every couple of years will ensure that it always has optimal protection against moisture and other types of potentially serious damage or noticeable discoloration.

Prevent Ants From Building Beds Along the Base of the Fence

Depending on where you live, ant beds in your yard can be a common sight during the spring and summer months. However, you should make sure to keep these ants from building too close to your cedar fence. Ant beds can rise several inches off the ground, and they may even use the fence post as a support, which can allow them to build a bed that rises even higher. The beds can trap moisture against the fence post, and some ants can even chew through wood. These damages can lead to you needing to have the fence post replaced, which can be fairly costly and disruptive.

Replace Damaged Fence Planks as Soon as Possible

Over the course of many years, it is likely that your fence will suffer some damage to the planks or posts. Regardless of the type of damage that has occurred to the plank or post, you should invest in having it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. In addition to these issues potentially making the fence easier to breach, they can also potentially spread. By acting when the damages are still relatively minor, you can help to control the costs of repairing the damage while also avoiding situations where your property may not be as secure as you thought it was. Periodically walking the length of the fence to look for signs of damage or other issues can be the only option for ensuring that you identify these problems relatively soon after they start to develop.

If you're ready, contact cedar wood fencing contractors to begin the process.