A Fence Makes for a Nice Yard

Choose An Enclosure That Will Keep Your Pooch Protected

A young dog usually enjoys plenty of exercise, including walking around town or running around their yard. If you recently adopted a puppy and don't always have time to spend outdoors with your pet, you may have considered a fencing installation. Dog fencing can consist of a large enclosure that contains your entire yard or a smaller one that is tucked away in the back portion of your property.

Consider The Breed Size And The Items That Will Be Used

If you have considered the addition of a fence, even before you adopted your pet, you can adequately figure out how many square feet of fencing you will need, but you should also carefully consider the fencing material and height that you select. Your puppy's breed will be a big indicator in whether or not you will need a tall fence or one that is manufactured from sturdy fencing panels that your pet cannot chew through.

If you would like to keep your pet hidden from your neighbors, an enclosure that doesn't contain any gaps will be needed. If you don't mind anyone seeing your pet and would like to give your puppy the opportunity to get used to seeing people walking or driving down the road, a chain link fence will provide clear visibility and sturdiness. For a smaller enclosure, including one that will be used as a dog run or to contain your pet's doghouse, choose the portion of your property where the fence will be best suited.

A contractor can also aid you in selecting a plot that is level, shaded, and located in the vicinity that you have selected. Choose all of the items that will be enclosed in the fence beforehand, so that you do not request an enclosure that won't be large enough to accommodate your pet and their belongings.

Choose A Lock And A Monitoring System

You may decide to keep a watch over your pet for most of the time, but there may be relatively short stints when the fencing will come in handy. Don't take the chance of having someone steal your dog. Choose a dog fence locking system that will adequately keep your pet contained and that will prevent theft.

A monitoring system is another useful aid, which will allow you to check on your pet during times that you are busy doing something else. For instance, if you enjoy cooking and need to take something out of the oven or if you receive a phone call and need to go indoors for a few minutes, a security camera that records footage of your back yard will allow you to check on your dog as often as you would like.

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