A Fence Makes for a Nice Yard

A Few Steps Involved With Having Your Old Fence Painted To Restore Its Appearance

If your wood fence is old and showing its age, consider having it painted so you can get a few more years out of the fence before you have to replace it. As long as your fence is still in pretty good structural shape, a new coat of paint can give it a fresh look. Here's an overview of what's involved in having your fence painted using a contractor.

Wash The Fence And Let It Dry

The fence painting contractor will examine your fence in person to determine the amount of prep work needed for the finished result to look as good as possible. It might be necessary to pressure wash the fence first to get rid of oxidation, dirt, and weeds stuck in the pickets.

Since the wood may absorb some of the water, it could take a couple of days for the fence to dry out and be ready for paint. The contractor will schedule the painting day for a time when the outdoor temperature and other weather conditions are suitable.

Repair The Fence If Necessary

The fence painting contractor may do minor repairs on the fence as they scrape the old paint and get ready to apply the paint. However, if your fence needs major repairs, you should have those done before the fence is painted.

This could involve adding nails to the pickets and rails or replacing broken pickets with new ones. The fence might even need to have the posts tightened by adding new concrete around them. Then after the paint is applied, not only does your fence look beautiful, it has a sturdy structure.

Paint The Fence

You'll need to select the paint color during the initial consultation with the contractor. The contractor can then order the appropriate amount of paint and supplies. You probably want to buy high-quality paint so it covers the wood well and lasts a long time. Also, check your local codes and your HOA rules if applicable so you can choose a color that's permitted.

After the fence has been washed, cleaned of vines, and had old paint scraped off, the painting contractor can add the paint. They may start with a primer coat to seal the wood for protection from the weather and bugs.

Then the paint can be applied with a roller, sprayer, or brush. The contractor takes care not to overspray and get paint in your neighbor's yard or on your plants. This may involve putting down tarps, wrapping part of your house in plastic sheets, or using a shield that blocks overspray.

The fence painting contractor may apply multiple coats for the best coverage and appearance. When finished, your fence should have a new look that makes it look years younger and spares you from having to replace your fence sooner than necessary just to improve its appearance.