A Fence Makes for a Nice Yard

Building A Fence Around Your Yard? Why You Need A Land Survey

Are you getting ready to install a fence on your property? If so, one of the most important things you'll need to do is get a land survey. This lets you know where each boundary corner of your yard is located and ensures that you are not building a fence in the wrong place. Here are some reasons why you must get this task done before you put your first fence post into the ground. 

You'll Want 100% Accuracy When Building Your Fence

The last mistake you want to make is building a fence that is partially on your neighbor's property. Even if you have a neighbor that you're friendly with now, someone else may move in years from now and suddenly have an issue that your fence is partially on their land. Land surveys are not just estimated, but incredibly accurate, down to getting property lines correct within an inch. There will be no doubts about where your property begins and ends when installing a fence. 

You'll Want The New Fence To Avoid Issues With Easements

Another issue that you may not be aware of is if you have an easement on your property. This is when there is a neighboring piece of property with no road next to it that allows simple access, and the owner of the neighboring property is allowed to cut through your property to get to theirs. This can create a problem when building a fence because you cannot prevent someone from going through your property with a fence. This can cause you to alter your plans for the fence, typically by not fencing off your entire property and leaving the path so that others can get to their land. 

You'll Want To Avoid Moving The Fence Later

If you do make a mistake during the fence installation by building the fence on a neighboring property, you may end up in a situation where your neighbor tries to sue you or have the fence moved off their land. This is only going to make the fence more expensive because of all the labor required to come back and move the fence. While the majority of the materials will be saved, some new materials will need to be purchased. The land survey will help prevent all of this unexpected hassle and expenses associated with moving a fence.

Since there are legal issues involved with building a fence, you may want to leave this job to the professionals. Reach out to a local fence contractor for their assistance with fence installation