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The Differences Between Iron Used For Wrought-Iron Fences

Have you been trying to narrow down the material to use for your new fence and have finally decided on wrought iron? If so, you may not realize that you need to further narrow down your selection because there are actually different grades of wrought iron to pick from. Here is what you need to know about using high-grade and low-grade wrought iron.

Low-Grade Wrought Iron

One of the reasons that people actually like using low-grade wrought iron is because the pickets are thinner and use much less wrought iron. This helps the fence resemble what traditional wrought iron fences used to look like a long time ago when they were made by hand and there simply wasn't the manufacturing capabilities to produce a thicker picket like there is now. 

The smaller components of low-grade wrought iron are also going to help the fence become more transparent from afar. No matter what type of wrought iron you use, the air gap between the pickets is always going to be the same. However, that thinner wrought iron is going to be less noticeable the farther back you are from a fence. If you are located along a lake or have beautiful scenery that you would still like to see on the other side of the fence, the thinner pickers are going to allow you to see that scenery much better. It makes the fence less of a focal point and function more for security

High-Grade Wrought Iron

You'll want to use high-grade wrought iron when building a fence along an area that has a lot of foot traffic and can see more wear and tear, such as if you have kids that could be climbing on the material or a front yard where people could be walking by and leaning on the fence. While low-grade wrought iron can withstand that type of abuse over the years, the high-grade wrought iron is going to hold up much better. 

A bigger profile of high-grade wrought iron is going to stand out better if your wrought-iron fence is offset further back from the property line. If the goal is to make the wrought iron a focal point as others look towards your home, the thicker profile of the high-grade variety is going to make this possible. In addition, thicker wrought iron sends a message to others that the fence is designed to keep others out when they see it from a distance. 

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